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The Best Youth Baseball Glove

The market offers many varieties of youth baseball gloves from different manufacturers. They can be the best or worst baseball gloves for young players.

When it comes to choosing the right baseball glove for your child, you want a glove that can be used for any position. Or you may simply want to choose a glove that covers all of the bases.

Although a lot of options may come your way, it is important that you boil everything down to your own needs.

For someone who has a child just starting with baseball, safety is your first concern. Playing baseball can be risky if you don’t have a glove that easily catches the ball, which will be one of your most important considerations.

When selecting a glove, consider a few important factors. Choose a glove that fits your child. Sizing is a complaint with many gloves, so be sure to take the right fit by browsing online sizing charts. Also, choose the correct glove for your position and for your dominant hand.

Another important thing to consider is choosing a versatile and high-quality glove. Gloves are mostly made from soft leathers, as these are best for catching the ball.

Having a flexible glove is a must so you can feel comfortable for the entire game. In addition to choosing a glove with good leather, you may want to look for a glove that has soft padding for maximum comfort.

In choosing the right glove, you must also consider the many characteristics of the glove. Go for a glove that has great webbing designs and patterns.

The design says a lot when it comes to glove’s ability to help you catch the ball. The bigger the web design, the better. Some manufactures refer to it as the “all grab ability” of the glove.

Also take note of the straps attached to the glove. Go for a glove that has durable straps so you won’t have to replace them.

To narrow down your many choices of youth baseball glove, we have a few recommendations that will fill all of your glove needs.





 Rawlings Playmaker 12.5-inch Youth Baseball Glove, Right-Hand Throw $$$ 4.5 / 5
 Wilson A0360 Baseball Glove, Left Hand Throw, 12-Inch, Black/Brown $$ 3.8 / 5
 Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, 11.5-Inch, Right Hand Throw $$ 4.9 / 5
 Easton ZFX 1101 Z-Flex Series Ball Glove (Right Hand Throw, 11-Inch) $ 3.9 / 5
 Rawlings Players Series 9-inch Youth Baseball Glove, Right-Hand Throw (PL90PB) $ 4.4 / 5
 Easton BX1300B 13- Inch Baseball Glove (Right Hand Throw) $ 4 / 5
 Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves & Ball Combo, Black/Tan, 9.5″, Right Hand Throw $ 4.6 / 5
 Rawlings Sporting Goods G112SWPTLE-3/0 Gamer XLE 2016 Limited Edition Glove, 11.25″, Right Hand Throw $$$ 4.9 / 5
 Mizuno Franchise GFN1175B1NY 11.75″ Infield/Pitcher Baseball Glove – Navy & Red (Right-Handed Throw) $$ 4.5 / 5
 Louisville Slugger FG25CR5 125 Series Cream Fielding Glove, 12-Inch, Right Hand Throw $$ 4.8 / 5

1. Rawlings Playmaker Series

Rawlings is widely known for manufacturing many different sporting goods. It also offers a wide choice of gloves for both youth and adult baseball players.

Rawlings has introduced a  series of youth gloves to the online market, including the Playmaker Series glove. This glove comes in a single black color and is made from genuine leather. The Rawlings Playmaker Series glove features three different sizes – 12”, 12.5” and 13” which range in price.

The Rawlings Playmaker Series features a basket web design style and pattern. This kind of design creates a string.

Another interesting feature of this glove is its flexible pocket for easy catch control. With cushioned palm and index finger pads that add protection in impact areas, this glove is very comfortable to use.

The glove also features Velcro straps, which deliver a custom fit for each hand, which works well for younger players looking for a snugger fit. The Playmaker Series glove also is also crafted with full leather palms that are already 90% broken in.

This glove is ideal for an adult recreational player or a youth player. Just like any Rawlings gloves, this glove is available in two different styles  – right-hand throw for a left-hand glove and left-hand throw for a right-hand glove.

A lot of customers who have purchased the Rawlings Playmaker Series have been amazed with what the glove can offer.

What customers love about the glove is the fact that it is made from a very good quality leather, it is well constructed, and it doesn’t even smell after lots of use! It also fits perfectly a hand of a 7 or 10 year old young player.

At a very reasonable price, many did not expect to receive a glove this well made.One feature that attracted most customers is the easy open and close pocket of the glove, which can perfectly catch a ball without it falling out.

The flexibility and comfort of the glove thrilled customers. Many customers noted that the excellent construction of the glove contributed to its ability to last much longer than expected.

As what the manufacturer claimed, the glove came already broken in, ready to be used immediately.

2. Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

Many are aware of Wilson, a company known for providing high-quality sporting goods. On the baseball field, Wilson has introduced a variety of gloves, including the Wilson A360 Baseball Glove.

This glove is made from authentic soft leather, making it very sturdy. Available at the Amazon online store for a very affordable price, this model of A360 glove comes in two sizes, 10 and 12 inches.

This glove features an Aso web design and pattern, perfect for all positions.  Additionally, similar to the gloves from Rawlings, this model is available both for left-handed and right-handed throws.

What customers love most about this Wilson A360 baseball glove is its price, not too expensive considering its well-constructed design. Other features that the customers love are the sizes of the gloves, unlike many other gloves, this one fits perfectly on any young and adult players.

The Wilson A360 baseball glove is perfect for recreational purposes. Most customers were impressed because although the product is made entirely of leather, it did not take too long for them to break it in. It has a very soft pocket core and is very comfortable to use. The quality leather also contributes to durability, which many customers noted in their reviews.

Unlike other gloves that can be easily destroyed by wear and tear, this one is very durable. Many have noted that this glove is best for recreational activities but not more serious use, since it does not speak well in terms of durability. If you are looking for an affordable glove for some fun on the field this is the glove for you.

3. Mizuno Youth Prospect Glove

The Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove is exclusively available on Amazon for roughly  $40. It is recommended for kids ages 5 to 8 years old.

The glove is made from genuine leather, making it very soft, so you won’t need to spend time breaking it in.

The Youth Prospect Ball Glove is 11.5 inches in size. Its three best features are:

  1. Patented Power Close for easy catching.
  2. Power Lock Closer for maximum fit and performance.
  3. It helps young players to catch properly, in the right pocket.

The Youth Prospect Ball glove comes only in the right hand orientation.

Most customers loved the fit of this glove, with very few complaining about sizing. The 11.5-inch glove fits perfectly for the hand of a young player and its special features were particularly attractive to parents.

Reviews also noted the excellent stitching of the glove. Between the flexibility and the comfort of this glove, it comes highly recommended.

Parents who purchased this product saw the impact of the glove on their young players, raving that it has improved the ability of their children to catch the ball.  The cutout in the palm makes it very easy for small hands to close, important as it is designed for youngsters. Customers also applauded the strap, which has a padded side, making the glove fit perfectly.

For the parents of young players, the Youth Prospect Ball glove from Mizuno is the perfect next step after kids experience the t-ball glove. Lightweight and very easy to break in, you can immediately use this glove after taking it out of the box.

Customers have called this glove a perfect buy because it has improved the catching and throwing abilities of their kids. Due to its flexibility, durability, and lack of major issues, most customers would recommend buying this glove. This product is perfect both for recreational and serious games.

4. Easton Z-Flex Youth Glove

The Easton Z-Flex Youth Series gloves are made perfectly for those who just started playing! Z-flex is also made from a soft material and is very easy to use, unlike other gloves that are too stiff.

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a glove is that it is flexible and easy to close and open, especially when you have a kid who is just beginning. The Z-Flex Youth series gloves also comes in two different styles, left-handed and right-handed.

The Easton’s glove is also made out of patented Z-Flex technology which uses flexible strips on each side of the palm to help in opening and closing the mouth of the glove. This also helps make the glove more flexible.

Z-Flex is well made with ultra-soft leather, providing kids with the softest and most comfortable gloves available.

Another feature that makes the glove easier to close is the Easton’s 2-1-1 palm design. The Easton’s 2-1-1 palm design extends the finger stall length and combines the ring and the little finger into one stall, providing the young players with more force power to close their gloves.

First kids have to get the hang of closing the glove, then they can work on keeping the ball in the pocket when they catch.

One important feature the Z-Flex series employs is Easton’s Grab All Web design and pattern. This design is 40% bigger than traditional web designs on other youth gloves. This design and pattern ensures that when the ball hits the pocket, it will not fall out.

Another notable feature is the Lock down Adjustable Velcro wrist strap. This strap ensures a snug and custom fit for any player. Because of the Velcro straps, players can feel comfortable while wearing the glove.

Most parents who coach their kids who are just starting out recommend this glove. The features and technology used in the glove makes it an impressive buy. Aside from the fact that it has a grab all pocket, it is also lightweight and very easy to use.

What most of the customers loved about this glove is that it is immediately ready to use, without having to be broken in.

The construction of this glove is one of its best features. Because the glove is made from soft, genuine leather, it provides comfort and stability to young players. Also, the leather helps keep the glove from smelling, unlike synthetic gloves.

Another thing that makes this glove special is its price. At a very affordable price, you can choose a right handed or left handed glove which can be difficult to find. The Easton’s glove has some great features that aren’t easily found in other youth gloves.

5. Rawlings Player Series 9 Inch Glove

After introducing Playmaker Series, Rawlings also released one of their newest collection of gloves – the Player Series 9 inch glove. Exclusively available on Amazon for a very affordable price, this 9-inch glove is perfectly made for a beginner ball player.

Because of its size and style it is recommended for younger players. Unlike other gloves on this list, this Player Series glove comes with a 9-inch soft-core training ball and has additional features that make the glove very flexible.

It is also made well with a very soft, bendable shell for an easy close purpose. The glove comes in two different styles – right-hand throw and left-hand throw.

Notable features of this glove include a 9-inch Youth Model glove that has been partially broken in. Other features includes a basket web pattern and style that forms a closed off pocket popular with infielders and pitchers.

The glove also has a conventional back with neo flex and Velcro strap, a particularly durable kind of strap. It has a wide opening above the wrist, allowing the player to feel more comfortable and flexible.

Lastly, the Player Series glove follows a 9-inch T-ball pattern and comes with a soft core training ball.

Most positive reviews of this product highlight its flexibility and the free soft-core training ball. Since it is made for kids, it is used by most who are just beginning to learn the game, fitting perfectly into the hands of 7 to 10 year olds.

Some customers found the gloves small, but solid, which can work well before kids learn to squeeze the glove on the ball, which is aided by the gloves flexibility. It helps kids catch the ball easier, which is perfect for when they are just learning.

This glove is an excellent price for its quality. As it is available for lefties and righties the Rawlings Player Series a good glove for any new player!

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