Batting Drills For Baseball – The Definitive Guide

Practicing your swing over and over again using batting drills makes the difference between a good player and a great player. Baseball batting drills help turn your swing into muscle memory. So every time the ball comes at you, you no longer have to think – your body reacts automatically. Muscle memory is so important in the swing, as the time you have to react to the ball is a split second or so.

In the short space of time you have before the pitch leaves the pitcher’s hand and reaches you, you’ve got to react instinctively. Grinding over and over on drills will help you become a more instinctive hitter.

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If you want to hit better, or you want to help your child hit better, then these are some of the best resources on the internet to help you do just that. A good baseball swing is made up of multiple body parts working together, so you can’t just go out there and swing wildly!

You have to teach every part of your body a specific movement and repeat it over and over again until it becomes ingrained.

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This guide is a collection of some of the best resources on the internet to help you with batting drills and improving your swing. We’ll start with the basics: the mechanics, followed by your stance, followed by your grip, followed by how to hit harder and with more efficiency. Finally, we’ll look at some mistakes to avoid, some workouts to help train your hitting muscles, and exceptional products and services.

The mechanics of a swing | How the pros do it | Proper stance |  The right grip | Increasing hitting power | Mistakes to avoid | Workouts for hitting harder | Great products and services

Chapter 1

Understand the mechanics behind a powerful swing

A baseball swing is a complex set of movements! Right from your feet and legs, up to your hips, into your core, and finally your shoulders and arms, every muscle has to work in harmony for a good and powerful swing. Before getting into drilling individual parts of a swing like your stance or grip, it is a good idea to understand the mechanics of a good baseball swing. Then you can start doing hitting drills and really understanding how the puzzle pieces come together.

Chapter 2

Improve your swing by observing the pros

Observing how Major Leaguers hit can lend you lots of free pointers that you can incorporate into your own swing. After all, the pros all got to where they were after hours and hours of practice and perfecting their techniques. The finer points of every player’s batting style will be unique, of course, but the basics are all the same.

Chapter 3

Fine-tune your stance to hit the ball every time

Your stance determines how power is transferred from your legs into your swing. It also helps position you to hit the ball properly. A poor stance will throw you off balance and you’ll have to expend a lot more energy just positioning yourself. This energy could have been used to swing the bat! Learn how you can develop your stance properly with these excellent resources.

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Chapter 4

Perfect your grip to get the most comfortable swing

With the right grip, you’ll be able to transfer energy most efficiently from your swing, into your bat, and into the ball. A weak grip can result in a sloppy, slow swing, so making the small but significant changes to your grip will help you swing harder, faster, and more accurately.

Chapter 5

Maximize your hitting power

Contrary to what you may think, a hard hit is not always the result of raw power. Sure, strength does play a big role in hitting, but so does efficiency. The resources and drills below will help you maximize your hitting efficiency so that you are able to hit the ball harder every single time.

Chapter 6

Avoid these mistakes that will destroy your swing

The same way good drilling and muscle use can make an awesome swing, poor drilling or poor muscle use can destroy it. Learn which mistakes you must avoid in swinging a bat from the resources below.

Chapter 7

Hit harder every time with these workouts

So I know I only recently said raw power wasn’t everything, but it is still important. Athletes spend so many hours in the gym to make sure their muscles are strong and have good endurance. A proper combination of strength and endurance will help you be a better sportsman.

Chapter 8

Products and services

There are some excellent products and services available in the market that are designed to make batting drills and improving your swing as easy as possible. I’ve listed my favorite ones below.